Wednesday, December 10, 2008

feedback analysis form Lab D

I gave 17 out of 22 people in my class feedback. I mostly gave them general feedback, but I tried to encourage my students throughout the activity. I tried to give positive feedback to my students and give constructive critisism to other students, so they could improve.

EDU 255 LAB D Transcript

I think I had a strong voice throughout my lesson. I tend to use the words "alright, and okay" very often. I should have been more clear on my activities, so there wasn't as much confusion. I had good cues, and a fun instant activity. I should have had less instruction time, and more activity time. I gave good explanations of why the one-timer was an effective shot. I handled individual behavior issues, without letting them effect my teaching of the whole class.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

LAB D HURLING time coding form

HURLING LAB D time coding form

After doing my timing coding form for my lab D, my activity time was not at my target of having over 50% of my teaching time becoming activity time for my students, but it was close. I ended up having 44% activity time. This could be a specific part of my teaching that I can work on in the future. My management time for this lab was excellent. It was under the target of 15% of management time alloted. I felt like my instruction time was long enough and beneficial to the students in my class, in order to learn the skills and cues necessary to perform the onetimer shot.
For my future teaching lesson, I will work specifically on having more activity time for the students in my class.

Friday, November 28, 2008

RA Job (10hrs of community service)

I love being an RA, I think it is the best job to have on campus.
I meet so many people by being an RA. I really like interacting and working with my staff in an all freshman building. My staff works as a team to achieve common goals. We work to build community among the residents to to maintain a safe living environment for everybody. We also put on social, educational, and diversity, and service learning programs each month My job to be a resource and role model to the residents living in my building. I am there to guide the guys on my floor and offer assistance to them. I feel that I am making a small difference in some of their lives. I really enjoy my job, so it never feels like I am working. I have become a much better leader through this job opportunity.
I have used a command style in teaching and directing my residents. I have learned to become very organized with paperwork for my job. It is a great responsibility being in charge of 25 residents, checking up on them, and seeing if they need assistance, and offering advice. I have really learned to be a team player, and put others before myself through my job as an RA. I have responsibility of watching over my residents. I have to be an authority figure and role model to my students. I have office hours to be available to my students. I definately am willing to put in the time for more residents, just as my students would need extra time after class. I have learned to take constructive criticism from my boss, just as I would accept criticism from my prinicipal and colleagues.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hurling lab D 11/17

I taught my 15 minute lesson on hurling for my lab D. My focus for this class was to introduce the one-timer shot. I reviewed the cues for the group, the ready position, and how to strike a ball. During my lesson, I had multiple girls in the class come up and flirt with me. I did not think I handled the situation in the best way. I played along with them. I do not think of my classmates as students when I teach, because I am close friends with a lot of the people in the class. I forgot to mention my safety statement during my instruction time. I also forgot to take pictures as my students were performing their one-timer skills. During the lesson, I feel I gave the students a lot of activity time. The class got a little out of hand at one point. I feel I had no control because my activities were too spread out because I utilized the entire gym. If I taught this lab again I would make 2 stations on the 2 nets and have my students work on making accurate passes to their partner and have their partner try to shoot at a target. For the mini hurling game, I could have added a goalie to make it more difficult to score. Or I could have made the goals wider to add more scoring opportunities. I could have added sideline players to the game to open up space. I think the class enjoyed my instant activity of oogedy boogedy tag. It was a new activity I have never heard of before and I think the class had a lot of fun with it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Explorer Scavenger Hunt

Freddy and DJ's lesson was very informative on old explorers. I thought this activity was very fun exciting and challenging. I enjoyed taking pictures with my group and traveling through park center. I feel this lesson kept me very active. I think it would have went a lot smoother if we did not have a fire alarm during the activity. I also feel once we found a clue, we should have received the next clue at that station. I really liked Freddy's costume with the hat and parrot on his shoulder. I think he had a great introduction and had very good visual aids. I can do a scavenger hunt in my physical education class and use material they learn from their others classes to reinforce the information. I would peform the scavenger hunt in just the gymnasium. I would not have my students running through parking lots, and away from my supervision. I really liked how the lesson had a lot of activity time. Interdisciplinary teaching is effective to many students. Teaching one style, information might not get through to all students. Using many different teaching techiques allows for more learning opportunities among students. I think the data collected accurately supports my step count and rate rate. My heartrate definately elevated as I was trying to find the clues and take pictures with my group.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Instant Activity

I was asked to lead the instant activity for the class. I had to think of an activity that would make everybody warmup and be ready to participate. I came up for a version of tag related to halloween because it was close to the holiday. I think I explained the rules pretty clearly, and changed up the activity by adding more taggers and having the class perform different loco motor skills. I established boundaries and had a safety statement prior to the activity starting. I think the class enjoyed my halloween version of tag. It was a new activity for me and them to enjoy.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

EDU 255 LAB C hurling Time coding form

above is the time coding form for my hurling lesson for lab c day two.

From doing this form, I realize I should have more activity time in my lesson. I should spend less time on instructing and management, and have more activity time, so my students are staying active throughout the class. 47% of my time was spent on giving my students cues, rules, and tasks to perform. Only 39% of the time spent during my lesson was activity time for my students. My goal for my class is to have activity time to be over 50%. 17% of my lesson was devoted to management. I should work on making smoother transitions from giving out equipment, an having them focus on more activity time. Throughout my lesson, I noticed I give very general feedback to individual students. I also gave individual instruction througout the lesson. I gave critical feedback and tried to make my students perform the task the correct way. Now as I prepare for my lab D, I need to make the activity time for my lesson over 50%

Monday, November 3, 2008

Verbal Transcript of Hurling day 2

EDU 255
Verbal Transcript of Lab

Lab C Day 2 of Hurling

To whole class
If I could have everybody bring it over here real quick
You guys ready to go?
All set?
Alright, who here enjoys going to the gym and working out?
Ya, everybody
What do you guys do when you go to the weight room?
You guys like running or you like lifting?
Okay, today I am going to teach you lifting in regards to hurling.
Lifting is when we are going to scoop the ball off the ground and its going to be transition so umm you can get into a good striking position.
So today umm I am going to teach you first the jab lift
Does everybody remember the ready position?
Feet shoulder width apart. Can everybody show me the ready position?
Alright, everybody good.
So the jab lift you are going to start, you are going to get low, lift under, lift up, release and grab it with your hand.
A challenge for this is you could get low, lift under, release and catch with non-dominant hand as well
So that’s going to be your jab lift.
So some rules to go over is you can run a maximum of four steps with the ball in your hand. No more than four though
You can not pick the hurly ball directly off the ground with you hand. You have to use the jab lift to get it off the ground
Does everybody understand so far?
So why don’t you guys get into pairs, partner up, spread out and try working on your jab lifts.
Let’s go on the hop on the hop

To Maria
Maria roll it on the ground

To Taylor
Very nice Taylor, very nice

To Emily
Lets see it Emily, flick, flick
Nice! Way to stay low, stay low

To Eddy
Eddy just roll it on the ground

To Danielle
Lets go Danielle. Come on. Get low, scoop through, catch.
Very nice, very nice

To Eddy
Great job Eddy, great job Eddy

To Nick
That’s it Nick, stay low, stay low

To Brandon
Let’s see it Brandon

To Nick
Okay Nick, ready position, great job, good job

To the whole class
Can everybody freeze and bring it in here real quick
Alright, I saw a lot of great things with the jab lift
Next lift I am going to teach you is the roll lift
During the roll lift, you are going to roll the ball back to you, you are going to scoop it, like you are scooping your favorite ice cream, you are going to flick it up and catch it with your dominant hand.
Does everybody understand? Do you want me to show you one more time?
Okay so, you are going to roll it back towards your body, scoop the ice cream, flick it and catch it.
So, when you flick it, you do not want to flick it too high, so you don’t have to move to run after it. So you want to flick it close to your body as well.
Alright can everybody find a new partner and try that.
Lost and found in the middle

To Russ
Lets see it Russ, roll, Nice!
That would be like getting away from a defender. Say there is a defender in front of you, pull it back, flick it up, and you are good to go. Then you can take four steps and pass it off to somebody else.

To Taylor
Great job Taylor
Nice Flick

To Brandy
Lets see it Brandy
Stay low, good scoop, good scoop

To Eddy
Lets see it Eddy, Lets see it
Roll it back quick and up

To Danielle
Good job Danielle, good job

To whole class
Can everybody hold the balls and bring it in real quick
Now we are going to make a little competition out of this.
I am going to have two groups and we are going to do a shuttle run
One group is going to start on this white line and another group is going to start on that white line down there.
During the shuttle run you can use roll lifts or jab lifts and its going to be a competition to see which team finishes first.
So if Brandon, Katie, Brandy, and Mike can help me run through this.
Katie and Mike down here, and Brandon and Brandy over there.
We just need one ball, Brandon you got the ball?

To Brandon
You are going to put the ball on the ground, do a lift and then pass it over to Mike
And follow your pass

To Mike
Lets see it Mike

To Brandy
Chop, Chop
You got it Brandy, you got it!
Flick it Brandy, flick it!

To everyone
Does everyone understand?
Okay, can you guys split into two even groups?
One, two, three, four
Everybody ready to go?

To Katie
Katie go over here

To everyone
So everyone is going to go around two times, and after you are done with your second time, I want you to sit down so I know you are done
Ready? On your mark, get set, Go!

To Nick
That’s it Nick, good job, good job

To everyone
Lets go, be quick, be quick

To Emily
Good job Emily
Let’s go. Good toss

To everyone
You go around twice and after you go around twice you sit down when your done

To Jess
Great job Jess

To Chris
Good job Chris

To everyone
Great job everybody, can you bring it in again?
Alright, who can tell me some of the cues for the jab lift?
Get low, flick, scoop
Very good. Great job today
Now Casey is going to take over

Hurling DAY 2

After doing the verbal transcript of my lab C, I noticed I gave very general feedback to my students. I also gave more feedback to some students in the class over others. I could tell from listening to the MP3 that I was nervous in the beginning of the lesson, but as I went on I feel I was more confident. For the next, I need to improve on asking more questions, so I can make sure they understand what is expected of them

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hurling Day 2

I introduced the jab lift and the roll lift to my class today. I think I demonstrated pretty clearly how I expected them to perform the task. I am still a little nervous when I talk in front of the class. I think it it sometimes harder to public speak in front of my classmates. I tried to give positive feedback to my students. I tried to be more specific with my feedback, and compliment my students on individual cues within the task. I brought the class together and asked them if they remembered the cues for the lifts. I could have expanded and asked more specific questions about the lifts, and what situations would be best to use the different lifts. Next time, I will hand out a written assessment for them to fill out about the activity I present. I could definately improve on making my voice louder for the next class. I should reiterate to students that they should challenge themselves during the activities, by lifting with nondominant hand, and catching the ball with the nondominant hand. For next class I should focus on a good hook for grabbing my students attention and getting them excited to participate in the activity I have planned. I need to remember to face and address all the students in my class when explaining part of my activity, and not have my back to my students. Overall, I think my students had a lot fun with the activity I taught today.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

John Edwards

John Edwards is a motivational speaker who spoke about the importance of communication. He attended SUNY Cortland, and graduated in 1986 with a degree in communications. Effective communication is a lifelong skill that can help you succeed in many different areas. A lot of challenges can result from poor communication. Mr. Edwards spoke about how people can be categorized into different personality types. People with certain personality types get along certain people of the same category or that are similar. Some people a certain type of personality clash or have a tougher time getting along with people of the opposite personality. He spoke about how communicating with others builds relations with those people. Therefore we develop relationships from conversations. He talked about verbal and nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication would include body language we can read from other people that shows emotions. He emphasized how the style of communication is changing in the United States. People rely on technology as their form of daily communication. People communicate through e-mails, text messages, instant messages, and social networks sites such as facebook and myspace. It is important to network with other professionals in my field, to learn new teaching strategies or ideas from them. It is very important to communicate with others, and bounce ideas off each other in the workplace. It is important to ask questions. By asking questions we become experts in the art of critical thinking. People want to feel like they are valued. They like to know that they have an impact and purpose. So it is important to provide positive and specific feedback to these individuals.
All leaders share a unique quality in that they are all effective communicators.
It is very important to be an effective communicator as a PE teacher. Checking for understanding during an activity is key element in a lesson. Communicating to my class clearly ad authoritatively will produce better results, because my students will know what is expected of them. Giving positive and corrective feedback to my class will help them improve their skills and self confidence. Effectively communicating thoughts and ideas to my coworkers is an important skill. Having a good rapport with my fellow coworkers and my boss will help me succeed in my career.
Communication leads to increased learning and accelerated growth. Communication also produces integrity, and results. Mr. Edwards used the acronym SPMT in regards to communication. The S stood for Study. It is important to study, research, learn, and enhance my knowledge. The P stood for Practice. I can only become a more effective communicator if I practice and learn from my mistakes. M stood for Master. I should try to master being a great communicator. It is very important as a teaching to have very effective communication skills with my classes and faculty members. I really enjoyed Mr. Edwards motivational speech. I thought presented his ideas clearly and had fun with the audience. He brought up many valuable points that made me think how communication is very essential to my life.

PE mini conference

I attended the Fall Physical Education Mini Conference on October 10th at SUNY Cortland. I thought the keynote speach by John Passarini was excellent. John is a very special individual. Throughout his career, he had a tremendous impact on many students lives. Mr. Passarini's speech was very humbling. He taught me to not take things in life for granted. I especially liked his attitude on how every individual is differently abled, not disabled in any way. He appreciates individuals unique characteristics and capabilities. I really enjoyed watching his short video clips.
I really enjoyed D.J. Bevivino's presentation on Sepak Takraw. This would be a great activity to intergrate into a Physical Education cirriculum because there are not many games that incorporate foot eye coordination. This sport can have many different modifications, so it could be played at all age and skill levels. Sepak Takraw is a team sport which is very fun to play.
I also attended Dr. Yang's presentation on high tech and low tech PE. I learned about a toy called Animal scramble. This toy is very simple to use. It is voice activated electronic that tells you which animal to press. This activity would be really exciting to present to a younger elementary physical education class. Students perform different locomotor activities, while they listen to instructions from the Animal scramble game.
Also, during this session, another activity was taking place. A power stepper and stationary bike pedals were hooked up to video game system. This is a great tool to integrating video games with a twist into a PE cirriculum. Students must continue pedaling or stepping for the game to continue. If either player decides to stop, the game freezes. A students heartrate will also increase as they play a game they enjoy. I think this idea is great, and would go over very well with a Junior High or High School class. I really liked how some students wore heart monitors during the activities. The heart rates were tracked on a program and shown on a projector. During a PE class, students could monitor and assess their own heart rate to see if they are in their target heart rate zone, while they are participating in a PE class.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hurling Day 1

Casey and I, introduced the sport of hurling to our class today. This fastpaced sport originated in Ireland. It is considered to be an invasion sport because your team is trying to score on your opponents goal, as they try to defend their goal and vice versa. During my seven minutes of instruction, I taught them how to dribble/stickhandle with hurley and sliotar. I challenged them by having them dribble while walking, jogging, and running. Next, I taught the class how to pass and receive the ball. I gave positive and corrective feedback to students in my class. I think Casey and I were good on time management. We had the equipment ready to go. We also used a poster as a visual aid for the students to see the real equipment, since we had to modify the game to teach it to our class. For my next lesson, I need to come up with cues that are easy for them to remember. I need to make my drills for teaching more game like and exciting. Students are very competitive and they will try harder and enjoy an activity if it is more game like.

Frisbee Lesson

The verbal transcript was a great tool to aid me for teaching. From hearing myself on the MP3, I learned that I need to use more precise language when teaching. I still need to have a louder teaching voice when instructing a lesson. I only gave feedback to seven people during my activity. I gave mostly general feedback for students in my class doing something good or correct. My feedback should be more specific, based on behavior and skill. For my next lab, I will try to say something positive to everyone in the class. I need to be a little more excited and enthusiastic to teach my next lab. My language for teaching needs to be more clear and easy to understand. Because for one of my activities two people did not understand exactly what was expected of them. I think my introduction to the lesson was good, but I still need to improve on my closure. My activity time for the class improved from my last lab.
It was definately more challenging teaching by myself this for this activity. I felt a lot more comfortable when I had a partner to bounce ideas off of for teaching cues or strategies.
I think I am improving and becoming more confident each time I teach a lesson.

Punting a Football

Mike and I taught the class how to punt a football. We broke the football punt into different components and taught each of them seperately. First we taught them how to hold the football and what the proper stance looks like. Next, we taught the class the proper steps. Finally we taught the class how to follow through after the ball comes in contact with the top of the foot. The football punt could be split into the preperation, execution and follow-through phase.
I learned a great deal from watching myself teach on DVD. I learned I need to project my voice louder. I need to spend less time instructing, and have my class have more activity time. I need to improve on my closure and have my students excited for their next class.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Review for Mike Zarcone Day 1

Mike did a great job of instructing and demonstrating how to punt a football. He broke down the skill into different components. He provided positive feedback to students in the class. He checked on every group of the class to make sure they were performing the skill correctly. He also helped and instructed students who did not pick up on the skills right away. Mike demonstrated clearly what a good punt looks like. He showed proper form and technique through his demonstration. For Mike's next lesson, he should have more activity time.

Saturday, September 6, 2008