Friday, November 14, 2008

Explorer Scavenger Hunt

Freddy and DJ's lesson was very informative on old explorers. I thought this activity was very fun exciting and challenging. I enjoyed taking pictures with my group and traveling through park center. I feel this lesson kept me very active. I think it would have went a lot smoother if we did not have a fire alarm during the activity. I also feel once we found a clue, we should have received the next clue at that station. I really liked Freddy's costume with the hat and parrot on his shoulder. I think he had a great introduction and had very good visual aids. I can do a scavenger hunt in my physical education class and use material they learn from their others classes to reinforce the information. I would peform the scavenger hunt in just the gymnasium. I would not have my students running through parking lots, and away from my supervision. I really liked how the lesson had a lot of activity time. Interdisciplinary teaching is effective to many students. Teaching one style, information might not get through to all students. Using many different teaching techiques allows for more learning opportunities among students. I think the data collected accurately supports my step count and rate rate. My heartrate definately elevated as I was trying to find the clues and take pictures with my group.

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