Friday, November 28, 2008

RA Job (10hrs of community service)

I love being an RA, I think it is the best job to have on campus.
I meet so many people by being an RA. I really like interacting and working with my staff in an all freshman building. My staff works as a team to achieve common goals. We work to build community among the residents to to maintain a safe living environment for everybody. We also put on social, educational, and diversity, and service learning programs each month My job to be a resource and role model to the residents living in my building. I am there to guide the guys on my floor and offer assistance to them. I feel that I am making a small difference in some of their lives. I really enjoy my job, so it never feels like I am working. I have become a much better leader through this job opportunity.
I have used a command style in teaching and directing my residents. I have learned to become very organized with paperwork for my job. It is a great responsibility being in charge of 25 residents, checking up on them, and seeing if they need assistance, and offering advice. I have really learned to be a team player, and put others before myself through my job as an RA. I have responsibility of watching over my residents. I have to be an authority figure and role model to my students. I have office hours to be available to my students. I definately am willing to put in the time for more residents, just as my students would need extra time after class. I have learned to take constructive criticism from my boss, just as I would accept criticism from my prinicipal and colleagues.

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