Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hurling Day 1

Casey and I, introduced the sport of hurling to our class today. This fastpaced sport originated in Ireland. It is considered to be an invasion sport because your team is trying to score on your opponents goal, as they try to defend their goal and vice versa. During my seven minutes of instruction, I taught them how to dribble/stickhandle with hurley and sliotar. I challenged them by having them dribble while walking, jogging, and running. Next, I taught the class how to pass and receive the ball. I gave positive and corrective feedback to students in my class. I think Casey and I were good on time management. We had the equipment ready to go. We also used a poster as a visual aid for the students to see the real equipment, since we had to modify the game to teach it to our class. For my next lesson, I need to come up with cues that are easy for them to remember. I need to make my drills for teaching more game like and exciting. Students are very competitive and they will try harder and enjoy an activity if it is more game like.

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