Saturday, October 18, 2008

Frisbee Lesson

The verbal transcript was a great tool to aid me for teaching. From hearing myself on the MP3, I learned that I need to use more precise language when teaching. I still need to have a louder teaching voice when instructing a lesson. I only gave feedback to seven people during my activity. I gave mostly general feedback for students in my class doing something good or correct. My feedback should be more specific, based on behavior and skill. For my next lab, I will try to say something positive to everyone in the class. I need to be a little more excited and enthusiastic to teach my next lab. My language for teaching needs to be more clear and easy to understand. Because for one of my activities two people did not understand exactly what was expected of them. I think my introduction to the lesson was good, but I still need to improve on my closure. My activity time for the class improved from my last lab.
It was definately more challenging teaching by myself this for this activity. I felt a lot more comfortable when I had a partner to bounce ideas off of for teaching cues or strategies.
I think I am improving and becoming more confident each time I teach a lesson.

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