Saturday, November 8, 2008

EDU 255 LAB C hurling Time coding form

above is the time coding form for my hurling lesson for lab c day two.

From doing this form, I realize I should have more activity time in my lesson. I should spend less time on instructing and management, and have more activity time, so my students are staying active throughout the class. 47% of my time was spent on giving my students cues, rules, and tasks to perform. Only 39% of the time spent during my lesson was activity time for my students. My goal for my class is to have activity time to be over 50%. 17% of my lesson was devoted to management. I should work on making smoother transitions from giving out equipment, an having them focus on more activity time. Throughout my lesson, I noticed I give very general feedback to individual students. I also gave individual instruction througout the lesson. I gave critical feedback and tried to make my students perform the task the correct way. Now as I prepare for my lab D, I need to make the activity time for my lesson over 50%

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