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Verbal Transcript of Hurling day 2

EDU 255
Verbal Transcript of Lab

Lab C Day 2 of Hurling

To whole class
If I could have everybody bring it over here real quick
You guys ready to go?
All set?
Alright, who here enjoys going to the gym and working out?
Ya, everybody
What do you guys do when you go to the weight room?
You guys like running or you like lifting?
Okay, today I am going to teach you lifting in regards to hurling.
Lifting is when we are going to scoop the ball off the ground and its going to be transition so umm you can get into a good striking position.
So today umm I am going to teach you first the jab lift
Does everybody remember the ready position?
Feet shoulder width apart. Can everybody show me the ready position?
Alright, everybody good.
So the jab lift you are going to start, you are going to get low, lift under, lift up, release and grab it with your hand.
A challenge for this is you could get low, lift under, release and catch with non-dominant hand as well
So that’s going to be your jab lift.
So some rules to go over is you can run a maximum of four steps with the ball in your hand. No more than four though
You can not pick the hurly ball directly off the ground with you hand. You have to use the jab lift to get it off the ground
Does everybody understand so far?
So why don’t you guys get into pairs, partner up, spread out and try working on your jab lifts.
Let’s go on the hop on the hop

To Maria
Maria roll it on the ground

To Taylor
Very nice Taylor, very nice

To Emily
Lets see it Emily, flick, flick
Nice! Way to stay low, stay low

To Eddy
Eddy just roll it on the ground

To Danielle
Lets go Danielle. Come on. Get low, scoop through, catch.
Very nice, very nice

To Eddy
Great job Eddy, great job Eddy

To Nick
That’s it Nick, stay low, stay low

To Brandon
Let’s see it Brandon

To Nick
Okay Nick, ready position, great job, good job

To the whole class
Can everybody freeze and bring it in here real quick
Alright, I saw a lot of great things with the jab lift
Next lift I am going to teach you is the roll lift
During the roll lift, you are going to roll the ball back to you, you are going to scoop it, like you are scooping your favorite ice cream, you are going to flick it up and catch it with your dominant hand.
Does everybody understand? Do you want me to show you one more time?
Okay so, you are going to roll it back towards your body, scoop the ice cream, flick it and catch it.
So, when you flick it, you do not want to flick it too high, so you don’t have to move to run after it. So you want to flick it close to your body as well.
Alright can everybody find a new partner and try that.
Lost and found in the middle

To Russ
Lets see it Russ, roll, Nice!
That would be like getting away from a defender. Say there is a defender in front of you, pull it back, flick it up, and you are good to go. Then you can take four steps and pass it off to somebody else.

To Taylor
Great job Taylor
Nice Flick

To Brandy
Lets see it Brandy
Stay low, good scoop, good scoop

To Eddy
Lets see it Eddy, Lets see it
Roll it back quick and up

To Danielle
Good job Danielle, good job

To whole class
Can everybody hold the balls and bring it in real quick
Now we are going to make a little competition out of this.
I am going to have two groups and we are going to do a shuttle run
One group is going to start on this white line and another group is going to start on that white line down there.
During the shuttle run you can use roll lifts or jab lifts and its going to be a competition to see which team finishes first.
So if Brandon, Katie, Brandy, and Mike can help me run through this.
Katie and Mike down here, and Brandon and Brandy over there.
We just need one ball, Brandon you got the ball?

To Brandon
You are going to put the ball on the ground, do a lift and then pass it over to Mike
And follow your pass

To Mike
Lets see it Mike

To Brandy
Chop, Chop
You got it Brandy, you got it!
Flick it Brandy, flick it!

To everyone
Does everyone understand?
Okay, can you guys split into two even groups?
One, two, three, four
Everybody ready to go?

To Katie
Katie go over here

To everyone
So everyone is going to go around two times, and after you are done with your second time, I want you to sit down so I know you are done
Ready? On your mark, get set, Go!

To Nick
That’s it Nick, good job, good job

To everyone
Lets go, be quick, be quick

To Emily
Good job Emily
Let’s go. Good toss

To everyone
You go around twice and after you go around twice you sit down when your done

To Jess
Great job Jess

To Chris
Good job Chris

To everyone
Great job everybody, can you bring it in again?
Alright, who can tell me some of the cues for the jab lift?
Get low, flick, scoop
Very good. Great job today
Now Casey is going to take over

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