Monday, October 27, 2008

Hurling Day 2

I introduced the jab lift and the roll lift to my class today. I think I demonstrated pretty clearly how I expected them to perform the task. I am still a little nervous when I talk in front of the class. I think it it sometimes harder to public speak in front of my classmates. I tried to give positive feedback to my students. I tried to be more specific with my feedback, and compliment my students on individual cues within the task. I brought the class together and asked them if they remembered the cues for the lifts. I could have expanded and asked more specific questions about the lifts, and what situations would be best to use the different lifts. Next time, I will hand out a written assessment for them to fill out about the activity I present. I could definately improve on making my voice louder for the next class. I should reiterate to students that they should challenge themselves during the activities, by lifting with nondominant hand, and catching the ball with the nondominant hand. For next class I should focus on a good hook for grabbing my students attention and getting them excited to participate in the activity I have planned. I need to remember to face and address all the students in my class when explaining part of my activity, and not have my back to my students. Overall, I think my students had a lot fun with the activity I taught today.

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