Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hurling lab D 11/17

I taught my 15 minute lesson on hurling for my lab D. My focus for this class was to introduce the one-timer shot. I reviewed the cues for the group, the ready position, and how to strike a ball. During my lesson, I had multiple girls in the class come up and flirt with me. I did not think I handled the situation in the best way. I played along with them. I do not think of my classmates as students when I teach, because I am close friends with a lot of the people in the class. I forgot to mention my safety statement during my instruction time. I also forgot to take pictures as my students were performing their one-timer skills. During the lesson, I feel I gave the students a lot of activity time. The class got a little out of hand at one point. I feel I had no control because my activities were too spread out because I utilized the entire gym. If I taught this lab again I would make 2 stations on the 2 nets and have my students work on making accurate passes to their partner and have their partner try to shoot at a target. For the mini hurling game, I could have added a goalie to make it more difficult to score. Or I could have made the goals wider to add more scoring opportunities. I could have added sideline players to the game to open up space. I think the class enjoyed my instant activity of oogedy boogedy tag. It was a new activity I have never heard of before and I think the class had a lot of fun with it.

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